Blog Post and Social Media Services

Pier5’s blogging and social media services help you stay connected with your clientele and offer them some creative incentives, while saving you time along the way. Blogs and social media function a bit differently, and there are plenty of innovative ways both can benefit your business.

Blog Posts

You are the expert in your field, so tell ’em what you know! Blog posts are an easy way to improve SEO rankings for your site and increase your credibility with clients. These posts are specifically tailored for you and help provide the backbone of your online content. As we develop a clear strategy for your online presence together, we’ll map out the keywords to help improve your site’s ranking. For each blog post, we take key information you provide us via phone or e-mail and craft it into an easy-to-read post.

Social Media

With most of the world active on social media, having a consistent presence helps small businesses build their online communities. Our social media plans provide your business with consistent, quality content. This, together with curated blog posts, provides fresh and relevant content to your social media profiles.

Better Together

Blog posts and social media go hand in hand, so this is how we’ve built our packages. You save money and your blog posts reach more people!

Blogging and Social Media for the Small Business Made Easy


Overall Strategy Meeting

  • Shape and focus post topics
  • Create schedule for posting campaigns
  • SEO Plan
  • Support Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Focused Phone Interviews

  • 30-45 minutes per blog post
  • Interview format /conversation to gather information for posts
  • Coordinating with specific events – holidays, sales, etc

Writing and Review

  • Basic research and image work
  • Blog posts 300-1500 characters in length
  • Draft of post for review 48 hours before posting
  • No response or input needed
  • Social media announcements, videos, pictures, etc


Publishing and Notification

  • Review of post for errors
  • Publication of post
  • Notification of post
  • Analytical reports and review as needed
  • Ongoing recommendations backed by data

Pier5 Blogging and Social Media Pricing

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