We’re including these posts to provide insight into how we work and give you some helpful tips and tools for your small business. If you need info on a specific topic, let us know and we’ll write it up!

High School Internship with a Design Company

21September, 2021Looking to get some real world experience? Deciding your future profession can sound intimidating, as it is singlehandedly one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. With thousands of different possibilities and various job...

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Online Presence for the Small Business

18June, 2021Establishing Your Online Presence in 2021 2020 was a real turning point for small businesses, as local brick-and-mortar shops really took a dramatic hit from the pandemic. Now that the masks are coming off and people are venturing out, shops and small...

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Communicating for Design

The primary job of a web designer is to supply you with the theme, background, or atmosphere you want for your website. But without being able to share your dream, we have nowhere to start.

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