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May, 2019

How designers learn about your design needs?

The primary job of a web designer is to supply you with the theme, background, or atmosphere you want for your website. But without being able to share your dream, we have nowhere to start.

“A web development process is a documented outline of the steps needed to be taken from start to finish in order to complete a typical web design project.”

– Luke Reimer 

Where do we start?

So how do designers learn more about their customers’ design needs? First and foremost, through good old-fashioned communication. As artist and teacher Hans Hofman said, “Design is the intermediary between information and understanding” and you must communicate information for us to achieve understanding. Often a face to face meeting where you lay out the specifications and roles you want our designs to fill, is the most effective. During the meeting you will be presented with a short survey which will contain questions such as “how would you describe you or your company in a few words?” and “What do you want your website to do for you?” Once that is completed, one of our designers will create a “mock-up” design for your website and ask for your feedback. This allows us to narrow down our understanding of your vision.

Why does design communication matter so much?

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Mariona Lopez once stated “Design is a formal response to a strategic question.” These questions about your dream design will be posed in the form of a survey.  During the survey you will be asked if you have any particular images or color schemes in mind.  This might include a specific logo, previous designs, employee portraits, product photos, images of your place of business, or any photos that communicate and capture your vision.  These pieces of information will give our designers inspiration in the creative process and allow streamlined communication of your mental conceptualization.


“Without proper communication between the client, the agency, and the designer, the client will not get a product they are happy with…

Another possible way to come to a more complete understanding of your desired web design is for the designers to visit your place of business (provided you a physical location) and take notes on the experience.  It may even be useful to view your business from your customers’ and clients’ perspective, to learn more intimately what your product or service means to them.


Remember, don’t worry if you are having difficulty finding the perfect design, because this is our job as web designers!

… With proper communication, the tables are turned and the end product will be something everyone can be proud of!”

Jim McMillen


I love spending my free time learning technical skills, reading factual literature, pursuing athletics, and creating whatever comes to mind. Whether on the field or at my desk, I enjoy the rewards of hard work and creativity.

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