Website Design and Development

Whether you own a company with 100+ employees or your’re an independent entrepreneur, your website is an essential facet of your public image and can revolutionize the way you do business. Available 24/7, a website can also decrease the workload for you and your company.

We want to make your website an integral part of your online presence. We’ll create a site that puts your best face forward, and will streamline it into your ongoing business activities.

The Pier5 Approach


First impressions are critical in capturing your potential clients’ attention. We will build you a compelling website that’s free of clutter and allows easy navigation for your users.


Dated design can be a website’s downfall.  We strive to incorporate timeless aesthetics that will stand the test of time and remain current for years to come.


Our websites are designed to function as quickly and efficiently as possible, optimizing your users’ experience.


We’ll ensure your website truly conveys your intentions. We partner with you to create a style that highlights your company’s strengths and uniqueness.

We are proud of our work! All sites are custom creations that fit our clients’ brand and needs.

Willow River Properties

“Pier5 has been highly attentive, responsive, and competent in delivering solutions for content and delivery for my business in a most cost effective and efficient manner. They have my highest recommendation without reservation.”


Samuel Eng, M.D.
Owner, S.P. Eng Associates LLC

Pier5 Design and Development Process


Initial Meeting

Our first meeting will include a detailed outline of our process and discussing your expectations for your site.

During this meeting we will:

  • Review your needs
  • Discuss features and design style
  • Settle on a domain name
  • Walk through the contract


Now we’ll take what we learned in the initial meeting and get started with design! We do this with static images so we can make changes quickly.

At the end of the mockup (draft) phase we will:

  • Settle on a design style that is right for you
  • Create a few mockup pages using that style
  • Send the mockups to you for feedback and changes

Building Your Site

Once we have finalized the design, it’s time to get to work developing your site. Throughout this process, we will be checking in with you to keep you updated.

Important: We need to have all the content before we start this phase!

  • Text Blurbs
  • Pictures
  • Email Form Details
  • Keywords for SEO
  • Substantial Draft of Content

Handoff Meeting

Your site is finished! Now we need to talk about site maintenance. During this final meeting, we give you all the login information and a brief walk-through of the back-end of your site. We also discuss our Continuity Plans, if you would like us to maintain your site.

During this meeting we will:

  • Give you any final information
  • Make sure you can log in to your site
  • Walk through how to make small edits
  • Discuss Pier5 continuity plans and sign a continuity contract (if applicable)

Pier5 Continuity Plans : Securing Your Investment and Providing Peace of Mind

Pier5 Continuity Plans

Once your site goes live, it’s important to maintain it through performing regular updates and security measures. Pier5 can keep things running smoothly while you focus on your business. We’ll monitor your site for updates and security issues and send you a customized report monthly. We can also add any additional content that you provide us, such as pictures, text, or promotions.

  • Monthly Customized Site Reports
  • Email Support (48hr response time)
  • WordPress/Plugins/Theme Updates
  • Enhanced Site Security
  • Premium Remote Automated Backups

No Surprises!

Download a sample Continuity Plan contract.

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