Photography for Websites


March, 2019

Photography for the Web

If you’re a photographer, it’s your unique style that makes people want to hire you! Every photographer should bring their own style to a photoshoot. When taking photos for a website, however, you will likely need a slightly different approach than your typical photoshoot.

Photos tell stories. Make sure you are telling the story that your client wants on their website.

Coordinate with the Web Designer

It’s critical for the photographer and web designer to be in sync with a cohesive vision for the website. You want the design of the page and the images to complement, not contradict, each other. Be in conversation with your designer and leverage any resources such as a design board or unique client input. This will help you understand the themes, style, color scheme, and overall message of the site. Armed with this information, you’ll approach your photoshoot with a plan to take the best possible images. For example, if yellow is a main part of the color scheme, you can plan to use yellow accents in your photography, or simply edit your photos to have a slightly warmer tone. Once these tracks have been laid, let your creativity lead you.

Your photos are a major part of the overall design of the client’s website.

Images with space

It’s critical that your images aren’t too “busy!” Images that are crowded with objects from border to border are distracting and their versatility will be very limited.  Photos with no “dead space” are harder to use as backgrounds because it will be difficult to read the text in the foreground.

The two best ways to create space in your images and cut down on busyness.

1. Provide “Dead Space”

Image for Photography using dead space for website design

2. Include out-of-focus background or foreground elements

Out of focus section on photo for website design

Not all of your images have to utilize dead space or out-of-focus elements, but be sure to include some so that those photos can be used as backgrounds.

Photos shot specifically for websites must fit with the overall web design and story that the website protrays. 

Tell the Whole Story!

When doing a photoshoot, think about the story you want to tell, and how that story can be communicated – from the thirty thousand foot view all the way to the microscopic level. Translating that into photographic language: take both wide shots and detailed shots; think “big picture” (pun intended), and tiny detail. When these images are viewed together on a site, they’ll come together to tell your viewers a complete story.


Driven by logic, and passionate about strategy, I have a background in business and financial tech. My creative side comes to life when I get a camera in my hand!

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