Data Backup and Storage

May, 2018
Whether you’re using local computer storage, the cloud, or a Network Attached Storage (NAS), it is essential that your business backs up all of it’s data safely and securely. Many companies forgo proper data storage practices out of laziness or negligence.
Every company should securely backup all data, whether new, old, or seemingly irrelevant. Computer crashes, disasters and human errors always happen when we least expect them and when we are least prepared. Here are a few tips for proper data backup and storage:
Treat your client’s privacy seriously!

Know that computers connected to public networks are vulnerable to attack

Many companies fail to take proper care of how their computers and data are connected to unsecure networks. A 2016 survey of businesses found that “73% of US office workers using enterprise-owned tablets download personal software and apps, while 52% use personal laptops, tablets and smartphones to store and work on enterprise content.” Separating personal from business files will help minimize business data leaking to friends and family/. Furthermore, ensure that your data is secure with proper software and hardware protection. A moment of negligence can compromise customers information and your company’s reputation.

Be especially conscious of customers information and privacy

Data breaches happen daily. We hear repeatedly about major companies losing customers’ credit card numbers, passwords, and personal information. These data breaches cost large companies millions and even billions of dollars, but will almost certainly result in the downfall of a small business. Customer data loss tarnishes your reputation and can cause long lasting damage to your customer relationships.

Customer data loss will ruin your business reputation

To ensure data deletion, completely destroy hard drives

Many people think that hitting ‘delete’ on a file, discarding the drive, or scratching the surface of the disks guarantees data deletion. To truly delete files,the hard drive must permanently be damaged and discarded. Shearing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) or drive platters makes data effectively irrecoverable.

Backup all your data, new and old!

You need to protect your business’s data. Data backup and data recovery are critical to your business operations. Even data that may seem unnecessary now may be vital to your company in the coming years. Storage is becoming cheaper every year while data and meta-data are becoming more and more valuable. Regular data backups to reliable platforms are highly recommended and essential for the long-term security of your company.

Backup your business data often!

Mission-critical data, files, and information should be backed up redundantly

Any data that you need to effectively run your business is considered mission-critical. It is essential that this data be backed up on multiple devices and services. For the highest level of safety, store your data locally, on external drives, and with cloud storage.

Wrapping it up

Small companies fail every day because of negligence, ignorance or laziness toward their businesses’ data. Taking special care to properly handle your customers’ and your company’s data sets a sound foundation for your success.


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